The world is our home - Chocolate journey around the Globe

The world is our home - Chocolate journey around the Globe

The idea to unite the world for Christmas using what the world’s most loved – chocolate - was a natural reaction to the events of 2020 & 2021. From Brexit, pandemic, loneliness, illness and death, extrema weather, fires, and flooding, to segregation, racism, and discrimination. The year has highlighted what we have been focusing on, overlooking the fact that the world is our home, and we are equally responsible for taking care of it.

Enjoying chocolate, it’s a privilege not a given, and we have taken it for granted.

We are running out of cocoa and what you may not know; people are losing life and health to keep up with the demands of the western chocaholics.

Understanding how much of what we enjoy every day comes from around the world is crucial and how our consumption affects other countries, but by large our weather systems and consequently our lives, it is impossible to ignore.

We need to value food as the most important thing in life and the people who make it are doing us a great service. Trying to grow your own cucumber or strawberry can really teach children how much effort goes into getting something from the farm to plate and it will help with unnecessary food waste.

Supermarkets, who for years of competitive operation, priced down its food to the point that manufacturers have had to reduce its quality. They have some responsibility to reverse this and with that the consumers became comfortable with ‘volume for pound’ then forgot that it’s not made of air. Or is it?

Anyone trying to eat healthily will know how much fruit and veg you need to consume for optimum health, and that most of the food on offer doesn’t even scratch the surface. No wonder why we have a tired brain fogged society addicted to everything that’s stopping us from living a full life.

The UK has seen growth in appreciating local, handmade, organic, free from pesticides, providing work for local community businesses, enterprises, and projects, but it was only with Brexit that we learned how much we relied on food sources from Europe. There is a heavy price to pay for locally grown and we are not ready to pay or even pick our own.

What we are also not ready for is to give up on the fast-growing trends of international cousins and flavours. Yet we are fast to judge and discriminate anyone who isn’t white and British.

These are a very big statement from a small chocolate maker like us, but it must start small. Even smaller – you, the consumer.

The world is our home in every possible way and like with your own home, look after it, keep it clean, make sure its dry and warm, that everyone is equally fed and loved and that you enjoy each other with respect. 

Let’s go on a 24 day’s journey around the world, experiencing international flavours and traditions.

Aless & #teamnono




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