A truffle for your thoughts

A truffle for your thoughts

The first truffle of the the Nono family was called “Macro Marz ” Micronutrients Marzipan. It was the sort of flavour that my son would eat. My son’s special school doesn’t allow nuts. So, the ‘marzipan’ had to be completely nuts-free. And it is. One parent’s nightmare is another parent’s dream: my son loved the taste of Macro Marz: a dark chocolate-covered snack containing pea protein, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, spirulina packed with minerals, omega3, energy and essential micronutrients.

Macro Marz Micronutrients Marzipan

Macro Marz kicked off the creation of many more truffles. I created them to ensure the supply of all sorts of nutrients. From omega3 to antioxidants, vitamin C to highly absorbable Calcium. All the vital food components my son was lacking.

All he needed were my truffles ;)

My son was the reason I started all of this and set up the Functional Foods Company. But what we do is meant to make a difference to many. We are dedicated to producing allergy friendly, Low FODMAP foods which are not only delicious, appealing and interesting, but they are specifically designed for people who have identified or are exploring the connection between what they eat and how they feel. 

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