Our philosophy

Our philosophy

Living between the autism FM, CFS and mental health communities, I have heard many stories of hardship and pain, especially from parents whose child’s difficulty in eating resulted in being hospitalised. These experiences and stories have been crucial to the development of Functional Food Company’s ethos.

Despite there being so many products on the market in the growing “free from” industry, even in the big city of London, it’s still hard to find suitable snacks. Yes, gluten-free is increasingly more available, but what about IBS-friendly, low carb and sugar-free snacks to enjoy on-the-go? And what if these were available in every cafe and every shop so that people who do suffer IBS, diabetes or coeliac could confidently enjoy a treat without needing to read the small print on every snack bar?

With my background, I was immensely inspired to produce something healthy and different. I took on this initiative by making raw, organic, gluten-free, vegan, high fibre, high protein snacks with natural fat from omega6 sources and healthy sweeteners.

With the encouragement I’ve received from my family and friends visiting for dinner or pudding, and most of all from my son, I am incredibly excited to share the NoNo snacks with the world.

Snacks like these were not available when my son needed them the most, but Nono can now be the answer for whoever (sweet-toothed children of all ages!) is looking for a truly healthy snack.

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