Where it all began....

Where it all began....

Healthy, nourishing food has always been a passion of mine. I grew up in a few different European countries; Poland, Germany, Italy and the UK and I learnt how to link sustainability with food, growing local fruits and vegetables and eating seasonal products. One of my best childhood memories is of me standing in a big ceramic pot pressing cabbage for sour curd!

Long before any knowledge of Functional Food became widely available, my mum would put fresh garlic in meals to ‘scare away winter flu’ and give us a spoonful of onion syrup as our daily dose of immune system protection. Everything from bruised knees to upset tummies and sleep disorders was treated with a variety of herbs from our garden. Prevention and health maintenance were key lessons growing up.

I was taught the art of cooking without wasting: whether it was a meal made from leftovers or preserves made into delicious jams.

My mum tells me that even as a child I would deviate from the recipes, choosing to follow my own culinary intuition. I have always used food to create; I love to say that “I bake outside of the box”! It is so good to know there are no limits to creativity on a kitchen table.

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