Micro Marz - Micronutrients Marzipan

Micro Marz - Micronutrients Marzipan

'First truffle that started the Nono family was Micro Marz (micronutrients marzipan). The idea behind it came from having to manage my son’s complex condition where he would stop eating for prolong period & supply him with essential nutrition. He couldn’t swallow supplements & he often refused water, what can be life threatening. The snack had to be rich in vital minerals and amino acid from plant base sources. With no added sugar and nuts free, this snack became his only source of minerals, antioxidants & vitamins.’ A. Bester

Marzipan is a confection consisting primarily of sugar and almond.

Micro Marz is a Micronutrients Marzipan that has no added sugar, its NUT free and consists of 4 greens: plant protein, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds & spirulina. It was originally made for my son who couldn't eat to provide him with additional calories, now it's as an indulgent without the damage to health.

Covered with 75% dark cocoa, beautifully soft and moist inside. 

That's the way to eat spirulina. I promise you won't notice it. High in minerals and omega 3 as well as fibre. 

Spirulina - The concentration of protein and vitamins in Spirulina has led many to classify it as the “most nutrient dense food on the planet.

*no nuts containing flavour