Gift Boxes - Nono Cocoa Chocolate - Natural, Vegan, Free-From, Raw

Gift Boxes - Nono Cocoa Chocolate - Natural, Vegan, Free-From, Raw

Giving forward is a beautiful concept. At team Nono we do just that. Before you give this box of chocolates to your loved one, we have already given a work opportunity to people with Autism, who decorated your chocolates. We have supported small suppliers and now you can support us - small business. The receiver will get ‘better for you’ chocolates…The gift that keeps on giving!

Available with gift wrap

Perfect gift for Vegan, Foodie, person with allergies, anyone looking to avoid high Cholesterol, or anyone who value good health.

We believe that even occasional treat should be nourishing, therefore we have taken all that’s unnecessary & added lot of micronutrients to our chocolates, from Calcium and Probiotic to Vitamins and antioxidants.


Created for my son who would say Nono to every food as it was making him unwell. We say No!  No to gluten No to nuts  No to Dairy No to Egg No to Yeast & No again to Sulphides, Artificial Colouring, GMO & Preservatives No Refined Sugar  No Cholesterol And finally, No to compromise on quality & taste!

We also say #nonoexclusion supporting people with autism by offering work opportunity #teamnono

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Nono Solved my son’s eating problem

‘First truffle that started the NoNo family was Macro Marz. The idea behind it came from having to manage my son’s complex condition & supply him with additional nutrition. He couldn’t swallow supplements & he wouldn’t eat. Later, his daily treat became his only source of minerals, antioxidants & vitamins.’