First, there was an illness...

Drawing from personal experiences, we believe in the value of health-foods for the management of complex conditions & disease prevention. “Functional Foods are thought to provide benefits beyond basic nutrition. They are commonly known as Superfoods!

We have selected the world’s best ingredients for you to create beautiful, raw, organic, natural truffles. Our truffles enhance your sensory experience, stimulating the recall of childhood memories whilst also awakening you to the present moment. NoNo truffles are carefully engineered to combine vitamins, minerals & nutrients to achieve specific health results. This is why we call them ‘permissible indulgence'. For more information on the health compounds of each truffle check the product list.

Why NoNo

We say No! No to Gluten! No to Nuts! No to Dairy! No to Egg! No to Yeast & No again to Artificial Colouring, GMO & Preservative! No Hidden Sugar! No Cholesterol! And finally, No to Compromise on quality & taste! We proudly offer a selection of truffles handmade lovingly in small batches. 

Functional Food Co is a small local family run company, and our ethos is to produce ethical, healthy food that contributes to a balanced diet. These chocolates solved my son's eating problem. Now we are sharing it with you and we would love your feedback or comments: nono@functionalfoodcompany.org