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This is the time for disability awareness. From Autism Day, Down Syndrome, Epilepsy Day to Asthma Day… this and more are the issues affecting us personally today. We want to talk about it in a way that it has an inspiring and empowering impact. So, to showcase the incredible talents of the 12 individuals involved we have created 12 delicious chocolates that will satisfy 10,000 of your taste buds and lift your spirit.

 ‘Identity’ - No charity - work opportunity

We at FFCo have been providing work opportunities to young people with special needs. Sadly, could not include everyone, so an idea formed allow us to combine all of these hidden talents and give them a voice.

For the amazing packaging we have used a large canvas to include everyone in the process of creating a group art project. Rotating the canvas for the artwork to overlap and collaborate. Further digital overlay of other works by teamnono, including a drawing by my son Ethan were added to reflect the characters and individuality of every team member. The result: perfect harmony.

Next, we are involving everyone in marketing, sales and promotion of the product that was created.

What we are learning is that, given the chance, we are continuing to discover our possibilities and talent.

We are working hard to earn bigger chocolate machine and you can support our efforts, by:

Sending someone a gift box as a unique and very special gift

Treating yourself to these lovely chocolates

Sharing our posts and links with your friends and family

Sponsoring Elfrida Rathbone Leighton Collage - so that we can continue our work

Being our ambassador