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T Shirt - Autism - Loading - UNISEX
T Shirt - Autism - Loading - UNISEX
T Shirt - Autism - Loading - UNISEX
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T Shirt - Autism - Loading - UNISEX

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Be proud of who you are and wear our apparel with pride, show the world that with just a simple adjustment we can all understand Autism a little more.

Autism can't always be seen and we all know very well that it sometimes it can be very misunderstood until explained, this t-shirt not only allows the wearer to be proud of who they are but also highlight to others what they might not see behind the condition.

I made these t-shirt's for my Son after I lost him for the first time in the park and made me realised that Barr labelling all of his clothes with name tags or keeping him at arms length, I needed a tool that would help in these difficult situations that if he did get lost again the finder would be able to help him as he wouldn't be able to help himself.

It turns out the t-shirt had many more benefits than just finding a lost child.

What our parents say....

"My boy loves to give hugs & he would run to total strangers on the street to hug them. Often by the time I managed to catch up and explain, the person and my boy both would be very upset and confused. Since we have had this t-shirt I have found that people are much more prepared for the situation and react completely differently"

"At first I was reluctant to advertise my child has autism. I thought the public should know better, but as my sons public meltdowns escalated with age a cute t-shirts has saved me a great deal of humiliation - people would take a short peak and move on instead of giving me horrible looks"