Functional Foods - Gluten Free Organic - Porridge Oats
Functional Foods - Gluten Free Organic - Porridge Oats
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Functional Foods - Gluten Free Organic - Porridge Oats

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Oats are an excellent source of fibre but are usually avoided by coeliacs as they are often contaminated with wheat. At FFCO we guarantee that the oats are pure and pass the strict ELISA gluten free test.


My interest in Oats (gluten free) started in childhood, when I first noticed that I wasn’t as bloated and uncomfortable as after eating wholegrains. High fibre however is the key reason!

In addition to its well-known effect on bowel health, it appears to reduce the risk of cancers of the colon, and breast, diabetes, heart diseases, obesity…

New study show that dietary fibre is one of the components responsible for increasing many types of beneficial bacteria’s. Having your daily oats, seeds and veg can protect you from serious conditions and boost your gastrointestinal health! Energy from oats is released slowly and so helps to keep you going for longer.

Functional compounds

Stanols, sterols, β-glucan, functional protein, lipid and starch components and phytochemicals, Phenolic compounds including ester linked glycerol conjugates, ester linked alkyl conjugates, anthranilic acids and avenanthramides (AVAs).

These compounds possess high level of antioxidant activity and are concentrated in the outer layer of the kernel in the bran fraction of the oat grain. Therefore is important to choose oats that are not heavily processed. *2

Interesting fact

A bowl of oats with few blueberries can save your life! *1


We all know what oats are (I hope) but what is fibre? Animals have bones to hold it together, plants have fibre. Much of this fibre is metabolically inert content which helps increase bulk of the food by absorbing water down the digestive tract and thereby easing constipation problem.

Additionally, dietary fibre binds to bile salts (a product of cholesterol) and decrease their re-absorption in the colon. It thus helps in a further decrease in blood LDL cholesterol levels. Gluten-free oats help maintain stable blood sugar slowing down the absorption of sugars during digestion and helps the heart and circulation by lowering cholesterol. They also improve the immune system.



Minimum of 25g of soluble fibre per day is essential. The chunkier the grains the better

By adding only table spoon of cinnamon to your oatmeal you can triple the antioxidants levels.

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Ingredients: Gluten Free Oats.

Allergens Advice: see ingredients in bold.

Per 100g of Oats

Energy 1492 kJ 354 kcal Fat4.9 g Of which saturated 0.9 g Carbohydrate 67 g Of which sugars 1.2 g Fibre 9.1 g Protein 15 g Salt 0.02 g


*1 How not to die Dr. M Greger MD