Nono Cocoa Exclusive 24 Collection - Vegan Chocolate Gift Box
Nono Cocoa Exclusive 24 Collection - Vegan Chocolate Gift Box
Nono Cocoa Exclusive 24 Collection - Vegan Chocolate Gift Box
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Nono Cocoa Exclusive 24 Collection - Vegan Chocolate Gift Box


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Multi Award Winning Vegan & Allergy Friendly Chocolates - Perfect Gift for Vegan

Perfect gift for Vegans, Foodies, people with allergies, anyone looking to avoid high Cholesterol or anyone who values good health.

Why Nono

Nono was created for my Autistic son who would say ‘nono’ to most foods as it was making him feel unwell.

So, we say Nono to Gluten, Dairy, Nuts, Yeast, Artificial Colouring, Preservatives, Sulphides, GMO. Nono refined sugar - and no compromise on quality & taste! 

We also say #nonoexclusion supporting people with autism by offering work opportunities #teamnono

‘We create our own future’!


Rose – Not the Turkish sort but wiled Bulgarian delicate rose extract combined with fruitiness of raspberry, crunchy coconut and popped amaranth, zesty baobab and D-mannose 

Chocolate Crunch – completely nut free - nutty chocolate ganache with crunchy cocoa nibs in crispy 75% cocoa shell.

Golden Milk* - or as commonly known, turmeric spice latte with coconut milk, in miniature cup packed with spices and coconut crunch to deliver a texture and flavour.

Raspberry & Beetroot – one of our most loved chocolate. Beautifully fruity & zingy chunk, with popped amaranth & baobab.

Dark Blood Orange – quick kick and avalanche of aroma and flavour for instant awake

Saffron & Orange – this one is not only good looking and golden, but if enjoyed mindfully, can take you on a journey of three stages of sensory experience. 

Caffe Latte* – creamy maca root, green coffee with arabica coffee sort centre in white chocolate dome.

Cinnamon & Apple – chunky cinnamon shell with soft apple centre and touch of orange. 

Milky* Orange Caramel - you asked, we made this no-added-sugar caramel is sweet and fruity.    

Lemon & Milky* Star – duo of zesty lemon, sweet milky* chocolate & turmeric spicy

Matcha Latte* - Not everyone’s cup of Japanese green tea

Dark Cocoa & Cherry – this cute cherry shaped chocolate is surprisingly creamy for a dark chocolate with a touch of sourness from freeze dried cherry bits and wonderful ‘cherry - marzipan’ like long aftertaste.

Cold mint – Long lasting, dark cacao chunk with crunchy pumpkin and delicate mint and salt

Strawberry & Cream* - simply creamy blonde strawberry chocolate chunk

Greek Coffee – dark cup with soft centre punch of Greek coffee – just like mocha.

Toasted Coconut Cube – indulging, naughty, creamy*, super delicious crunchy toasted coconut. 

Ginger & Lemon – this one is to explore the aroma and indulge our senses. Crunchy and potent ginger apple shape praline with punch of soft gooey lemon. Minimum 10% ginger

­Orange Caramel – be ready for the flavour explosion coming from both the white chocolate cup and the soft centre.   

Dark Raspberry – bitter-sweet just like love, with soft raspberry centre.

Madagascar Vanilla – real, spicy Madagascar vanilla, crunchy sunflower seeds in creamy* white chocolate chunk

Crunchy Seed Butter – roasted seeds, salty butter in dark chocolate praline

Cardamon & Rose – new to the nono family, this fragrant chunk needs to be taken in smaller bites. Unexpected and small chunks of cardamon well balanced with the sweetness of wiled Bulgarian rose.  

Mint & Lime Mojito** – fresh mint & lime combined with the healthy matcha tea, crunchy amaranth & pumpkin seeds. This is the new ‘after dinner’ palate changer. 

Blue Marzipan** trio of white, blue spirulina & dark chocolate with soft marzipan* sweet centre.



Ingredients: Organic - White & Dark Chocolate (Cocoa Butter, Rice Powder, Coconut Nectar) (45%), 72% Cocoa solid, Dates, Rapeseed Oil. Superfoods: Baobab, Raspberry, Strawberry, Beetroot, Matcha, CamuCamu, Turmeric, Ginger, Saffron, Cinnamon, Green Coffee, Greek Coffee, Maca, Spirulina, Coconut,  Spices: Cardamon, Mint, Madagascar Vanilla. Seeds: Pumpkin, Amaranth, Sunflower, Cocoa Nibs. Natural extracts: Lemon, Orange, Lime, Cherry, Rose, Marzipan** 

Nutrition: Serving 100g Energy* kcal*  680, Total Fat fats* 44g, Saturated* 27g, Carbohydrate* 57g of which sugars* 29g, Fibre* 19g, Protein* 3g, Salt* 0.4g, Cholesterol* 0 mg, 

Allergy advice: Free From: Gluten, Dairy & Nuts (Free from the Top 14 allergens) 


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