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Nono Cocoa Chocolate Snacks - ORANGE, SAFFRON & TURMERIC
Nono Cocoa Chocolate Snacks - ORANGE, SAFFRON & TURMERIC
Nono Cocoa Chocolate Snacks - ORANGE, SAFFRON & TURMERIC
Nono Cocoa Chocolate Snacks - ORANGE, SAFFRON & TURMERIC
Nono Cocoa Chocolate Snacks - ORANGE, SAFFRON & TURMERIC
Nono Cocoa Chocolate Snacks - ORANGE, SAFFRON & TURMERIC
Nono Cocoa Chocolate Snacks - ORANGE, SAFFRON & TURMERIC
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Nono Cocoa Chocolate Snacks - ORANGE, SAFFRON & TURMERIC


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Ingredients that love your mind! 

New to the Nono Cocoa family, summer fresh, 10% Turmeric, Orange and Saffron chocolate snack. Zesty and milky despite dairy free chocolate. Delicate and satisfying.

Turmeric has became very popular recently in many products. Known for its health benefits, from inflammation to prevention. For us as a Functional Food Co, it’s important that the ingredients listed are in relevant quantity to be in any way effective. We don't call our chocolates "superfood" for nothing. 

Known as a ‘Iranian gold’, saffron is wonderful spice use in Arabic Cuisine. However, with the latest research into this unique spice, we are discovering the benefits beyond normal nutrition. Check here for more details 

Saffron – this plant is the most expensive cultivated herb in the world. Known as Iranian Gold, It takes 14,000 stigmas to produce only ounce of saffron threads. Without adverse effects saffron is used in the treatment of depression as well as early stages of dementia. Anti-nociceptive and anti-inflammatory activities were reported from stigmas and petals of saffron. Decrease in cholesterol and triglyceride levels and reduction in vascular damage. Crocin and crocetin in saffron may provide neuroprotection by reducing the production of various neurotoxic molecules. Hands the interest in using medicinal Saffron in early stages of Alzheimer’s. personally, use Saffron for management of CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) as many studies show its effectiveness.     

Turmeric - Curcumin is a polyphenol found in turmeric. It has been shown that curcumin has health benefits such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anticancer properties, improvement of brain function, and control of obesity and diabetes, but only from bioavailable, pure sources. It is essential that we understand the amount one need to consume for any herbal and medicinal effect to take place. With overload of products adding this spice is worth reflecting over the premium one needs to pay for this trend.

Nevertheless, using turmeric instead of artificial colouring and combining good 10% of pure curcumin will be a better option to consider.   

We say No! No to Gluten, Dairy & Egg!  No to Nuts! Yeast & No to Artificial Colouring! No Preservatives! No Cholesterol! No Hidden Sugar! No GMO & No compromise on quality & taste!


Ingredients: Free-From: Gluten, Dairy & Nuts White Chocolate (Cocoa butter 48%, Rice powder, Coconut nectar) (47%), Amaranth, Raspberry, Turmeric 10%, Orange Oil, Iranian Saffron know as a ‘Red Gold’ is known for many health benefits.

Nono snack is a occasional treat as a part of balanced diet. 


Per 100g

Energy* 525 kcal* Total Fat* 27g Saturated* 14g Carbohydrate* 60g of which sugars* 13g, Fibre* 6.7g, Protein 8g, Salt* trace, Cholesterol* 0mg,  

Per 10g Serving 

Energy* 52 kcal* 3% Total Fat* 2.7 3% Saturated* 1.4g 7% Carbohydrate* 6g 2% of which sugars* 1.3g 2%, Fibre* 0.7g, Protein 0.8g, Salt* trace, Cholesterol* 0mg,  

Organic, Fair Trade, Chocolate, Vegan, Free From Gluten, Dairy, Nuts, Corn, Yeast, Artificial Colouring, Preservatives, GMO. No hidden sugar - and no compromise on quality & taste!

Handmade in small batches, lovingly and with care by people with autism in our London based kitchen. 

30g Pack

Shelf life: 6 months


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